The Slave Girl of Philippi, 1857-60

Desperately silenced.
My only words
not my own.
Tongue in stocks.

Desperately bound.
Daily divination’s
coins presented
to these human demons.

Desperately shackled
to these evil spirits:
one holds my body,
the other holds my voice.

Desperately shouting:
“These men are slaves
of the Most High God!”
But will they hear me?

Desperately hopeless,
silently shouting,
“Bring salvation
to this soul!”

Desperately grateful,
yet thanks go unheeded.
They are hauled away
in chains.

A poem/prayer based on Acts 16:16-34, the Revised Common Lectionary first reading for Year C, Seventh Sunday of Easter.

The painting of Saint Paul casting out the evil spirit from the unnamed woman (ca. 1860) is found outside the Basilica of Saint Paul, Rome, Italy. Photo by Richard Stracke: CC by-NC-SA 3.0.

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