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  • Sermon: Temple of the Kingdom
    July 14, 2019Fifth Sunday after PentecostAmos 7:7-17 by Eric Anderson There are definitely days that I could skip right over the Book of the prophet Amos without regret. Actually, I could spend most of my days not reading the Book of Amos without regret. Because I usually regret reading from the Book of the prophet […]
  • Sermon: Peace to this House
    July 7, 2019Fourth Sunday after PentecostLuke 10:1-11, 16-20 by Eric Anderson What is the core mission of the Church of Jesus Christ? It’s one of those questions we get to ask, and that we must ask, over and over again. We even wrote it into the Constitution of the United Church of Christ: “[The UCC] […]
  • Sermon: Oh, To Be Wise
    June 16, 2019Trinity SundayProverbs 8:1-4, 22-31 by Eric Anderson When the preacher begins a sermon with a list of the things that the sermon might have been about but isn’t, it’s a sign of at least one thing and possibly two things. It’s certainly a sign that the topics before the preacher are bigger than […]
  • Sermon: Another Language for Rejoicing
    Pentecost SundayActs 2:1-21 by Eric Anderson Fulfillment hardly ever looks like what we’d expected. At least, not the fulfillment of God’s promises. There are plenty of human fulfillments that look exactly like the picture in the catalog, or the image on the screen. This microphone, for example. It looks exactly the same as it did […]
  • Sermon: Annoying People
    June 2, 2019Seventh Sunday of Easter Acts 16:16-34 by Eric Anderson Back in February, I was honored to deliver the sermon at the Hawai’i Conference’s Church Leaders Event at Nu’uanu Congregational Church UCC on O’ahu. I asked the assembly a series of yes or no questions, and they’d raise their hands if the answer was […]

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