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  • Sermon: Not Fair
    September 20, 2020Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost Jonah 3:10-4:11Matthew 20:1-16 by Eric Anderson Year after year, they returned, the honu did. Year after year, they returned to the same beach, or at least the females did. They returned to haul themselves up around the rocks, to dig in the sand with their flippers, to lay their […]
  • Sermon: Miracle Work
    September 13, 2020Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost Exodus 14:19-31Exodus 15:1b-11, 20-21 by Eric Anderson The kolea was not content, and it was not a minor problem. It may also come as something of a relief to you that it was not a myna problem, either, because that means it’s the last time in this story that […]
  • Sermon: Like a Tax Collector
    September 6, 2020Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost Romans 13:8-14Matthew 18:15-20 by Eric Anderson The kolea stood and watched the Pacific waves roll up on the Alaskan coastline. It had been a good summer, at least by kolea standards. There had been plenty of food, and his feathers had kept him warm when it rained. There hadn’t […]
  • Sermon: Weeping
    August 16, 2020Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost Genesis 45:1-15 by Eric Anderson The koa’e kea had the reputation of being a crybaby, or rather, since he was a bird and not a person, a cry chick. All koa’e kea weep reasonably often, because they dive for food into salt water and the tears help clear the […]
  • Sermon: In the Wind
    August 9, 2020Tenth Sunday after Pentecost Matthew 14:22-33 by Eric Anderson The young myna was a happy singer. She was also an unhappy singer. That sounds like a contradiction, and certainly it is. Let me explain. She loved to sing, and she had quite an adaptable voice to do it. She could sing high notes, […]

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