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  • Sermon: What God Is Like
    January 20, 2019Second Sunday after the Epiphany John 2:1-11 If you wanted to write a book about what God is like, where would you start? If you wanted to write a sermon about what God is like, where would you start? If you were me, you might start with a rhetorical question. That was the […]
  • Sermon: Like a Dove
    January 13, 2019First Sunday after the Epiphany Luke 3:15-17, 21-22 You know that I like birds. I should tell you, however, that I’m fairly realistic about birds, or at least I try to be. I don’t expect them to cooperate with me when I’m trying to take their pictures, and I don’t expect them to […]
  • Sermon: For a Guiding Star
    January 6, 2019Epiphany Matthew 2:1-12 Early in the morning, my best friend is the snooze button on the alarm. I’m one of those people who sets the alarm an hour ahead of the time I actually have to be up and moving. I just prefer that more gradual transition from sleep to activity. That sounds […]
  • Sermon: And Yet We Learn
    December 30, 2018First Sunday of Christmas Luke 2:41-52 They spent three days looking for him after discovering that Jesus wasn’t with their traveling group, wasn’t with one of the aunties heading back to Nazareth with them. They spent three days, and finally found him in the Temple. His relieved mother asked, “Child, why have you […]
  • Christmas Eve Meditation 2018
    December 24, 2018Christmas EveLuke 2:1-20 I’m not sure when I realized that trying to tell people how to feel doesn’t work very well. I knew that it rarely worked on me. If I was sad, having somebody else tell me that I was supposed to feel happy about… whatever it was… didn’t change my sadness. […]

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