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  • Sermon: Soil and Seeds
    July 12, 2020Sixth Sunday after Pentecost Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 by Eric Anderson The ohi’a lehua bloomed bright red, glinting with gold at the tip of each delicate scarlet strand. Bees and beetles came to sip its nectar, along with ‘apapane, i’iwi, ‘amakihi, and others. After some time, though, the scarlet threads faded and dropped away. […]
  • Sermon: Disreputable Company
    July 5, 2020Fifth Sunday after Pentecost Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30 by Eric Anderson As June arrived, the young ‘akepa had learned to fly, had learned to find spiders and caterpillars, had learned to clean and settle his feathers, and had learned that it is a glorious thing to be an ‘akepa. What other bird could match […]
  • Sermon: Welcome, Welcome
    June 28, 2020Fourth Sunday after Pentecost Matthew 10:40-42 by Eric Anderson The young ‘apapane was hungry. He was also lost. There’d been a sudden gust of wind as he’d been flying about the ohi’a forest, and before he found a tree to land in and hold on, the rest of the family had disappeared. It […]
  • Sermon: Does Sin Die?
    June 21, 2020Third Sunday after Pentecost Romans 6:1b-11 by Eric Anderson When you’re an ‘elepaio, there are things you don’t talk about. I’m not talking about the usual things, like where do eggs come from (they come from chickens, right?) or why does the rain fall (because water doesn’t stand up very well). I’m talking […]
  • Sermon: Take Root and Grow
    June 14, 2020Second Sunday after Pentecost Genesis 18:1-15 (21:1-7) by Eric Anderson The lodgepole pine doesn’t grow in Hawai’I – at least, if anybody has planted them here, I don’t know about it and, well, it seems like it would be a bad idea. There was a seed cone on the side of a lodgepole […]

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