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  • Sermon: Throwaway
    September 15, 2019Fourteenth Sunday after PentecostLuke 15:1-10 by Eric Anderson When I throw something away, I don’t want it to reappear. Sometimes that can’t be helped, of course. The things I put in the wastebaskets here at the church have to be gathered together, bagged, and taken to the dumpster. At other times, trash reappears […]
  • Sermon: Counting the Cost
    September 8, 2019Thirteenth Sunday after PentecostLuke 14:25-33 by Eric Anderson One of the delights of the social media age is that there are people out there with a great sense of humor that they can express and share very concisely. Another delight is that there are also people out there with deep wisdom. Occasionally, the […]
  • Sermon: To Choose the Place of Honor
    September 1, 2019Twelfth Sunday after PentecostLuke 14:1, 7-14 by Eric Anderson It seems like such straightforward good advice, doesn’t it? And it’s even Biblical, which should surprise us of Jesus, who rather liked to quote the Scriptures and was really good at it. Proverbs 25 includes these words: “Do not put yourself forward in the […]
  • Sermon: Keeping the Sabbath
    August 25, 2019Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost Luke 13:10-17 by Eric Anderson In a poem based on this text, Rachel Hackenberg writes: Kyrie eleison,the weight of pain has worn me down these long yearsso much that I have lost my faith in sabbath restand the hope of healing no longervisits my deepest dreams. I don’t […]
  • Sermon: Division
    August 18, 2019Tenth Sunday after PentecostLuke 12:49-56 by Eric Anderson When I was in high school, I made a shield volcano. It was an independent study project, but I got a lot of help with it. Somebody cut down a sheet of plywood to a more manageable size for me. Somebody drilled a hole in […]

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