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  • Sermon: Fresh Figs
    March 24, 2019Third Sunday in Lent Luke 13:1-9 by Eric Anderson Something just feels right about retributive justice. It’s got a pleasing simplicity to it. It feels fair. Do this bad thing, and that bad thing happens to you. It’s the logic of discipline for a child, a logic straightforward enough that they can follow […]
  • Sermon: Steadfast
    March 17, 2019Second Sunday in Lent Luke 13:31-35 by Eric Anderson They came to keep him safe, these Pharisees. It’s one of the ways we know that Jesus and the Pharisees of his day were not implacable enemies. Oh, there were certainly some among them who disliked Jesus intensely. There were some who were convinced […]
  • Sermon: Change the Test
    March 10, 2019First Sunday in Lent Luke 4:1-13 by Eric Anderson There were a couple of things that came out of our Bible Study of this passage this week. One was the insight that this was not the last time Jesus experienced temptation. As human as we are, Jesus no doubt felt the pull to […]
  • Sermon: Oooo! Scary!
    March 3, 2019Transfiguration Sunday Luke 9:28-43a by Rev. John Madsen-Bibeau Greetings from the mainland. If you haven’t met me yet, my name is John Madsen-Bibeau. I’m a friend of Eric’s from seminary and when I’m not doing this, I do psychotherapy in Massachusetts. I am happy to be here preaching for you this morning. Eric […]
  • Sermon: Hard Love
    February 24, 2019Seventh Sunday after the Epiphany Luke 6:27-38 by Eric Anderson “Love your enemies,” said Jesus. Do I have to? Can’t I just go home and hide instead? This is one of the times when Christianity seems wildly impractical. It’s also one of the times when Christianity seems to favor the oppressor over the […]

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