Shifting Prayer

Be like the sun, O Holy One,
that warms the morn with glowing light,
excites the air to jump and dance,
and grants us comfort from the chill of night.

Be like the rain, O Holy One,
that cools the overheated day,
bathing our perspiring brows
and moistening our clay.

Be like the stars, O Holy One,
that wash the darkened Earth with light,
that raise our gazes heavenward
and glorify the night.

Be like the clouds, O Holy One,
which we cannot control,
that may bring rain, or part for sun.
In either, bring us respite for the soul.

Today I am grateful for physical rain – and spiritual rain – to soothe an overheated time.

Photo by Eric Anderson.


You can stop right there, Jesus,
after beatitude/blessing/makarios
(Hey! I can pray in Greek!)
the first. You know as well as I
the poverty of my spirit.

No mustard seeds to see,
no pearls beyond appraisal,
no fields a-hundred-fold
to view for you. Just sighs
and bluster nearly equal there.

So you might want to think again
about this notion you would make
the realm of heaven mine. I can’t
conceive of an idea much worse
despite the virtues of the thinker.

For you to give the realm of God
to me is just as ludicrous
as if you gave the keys of heaven
to a fisherman named, “Rock.”

Oh. That’s right. You did.

A poem/prayer based on Matthew 5:1-12, the Revised Common Lectionary Gospel reading for Year A, Fourth Sunday after Epiphany.

Photo is of a monument at Our Lady of Peace Shrine, Pine Bluffs, Wyoming. Photo by Chris Light – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

That’s a Laugh

Fumes still rise in Leilani Estates, Puna, Hawai’i.

Blessed are the poor, you say?
I turn to shroud my laughter.

Blessed are the hungry now? Indeed?
I pop a snack into my mouth to hide the grin.

Blessed are the weepers?
Sure. No doubt. Except for… not.

Blessed are the hated and reviled?
Then you, Humanity’s Child, are the most blessed of all.

A poem/prayer based on Luke 6:17-26, the Revised Common Lectionary Gospel reading for Year C, 6th Sunday after the Epiphany.

January 2019 photo taken in Leilani Estates by Eric Anderson.