Dust Prayer

kileaua-iki-sand-20161010“Remember you are dust, and to dust you will return.”

I’m not complaining, God, but I don’t feel like dust.
Sensations far more liquid dominate my body.
Perspiration trickles in the hollows of my spine.
I cannot count the instances of swallowing saliva.
I cannot count the welling tears of sadness,
Or joy, or simply yawning (wetly) at the close of day.
No, I don’t feel like dust. Like mud, perhaps, or clay

“Remember you are dust, and to dust you will return.”

Liquid, then, or solid;
Dust and ashes, then, or dripping clay,
On this day of dust and ashes I recall
That none of this accreted star-stuff of my frame
Assembled to my own design or plan.
Yes, even though I eat and drink, sustaining skin and bone,
I do not, need not, supervise the flowing pathways
Which disperse the building blocks of me
To make

Yes, I am dust, Your dust, O God:
And wonderfully,
(And humbly)


Ash Wednesday – #Dust for #lookinlent

Ice crystals in my hand

Dust of water. Dust of Earth. Dust of stars.

Remember you are dust. To dust you will return.

Dust gleaming on my mittened hand

Not dust of earth, but dust of ocean

Come to land as dust of air, dust of clouds

I am this dust of ice as surely as I am

Dust of stone

I am, indeed, made up of dust from grain and leaf,

From ant and tiger, squirrel and snake

The day will come when another soul may hold

My dust upon their palm:

Dust of water, dust of clouds,

Dust of skin and blood and bone

Dust, in fact, of stars…