When Will We Find Healing?

Written for healing following the fatal shootings at the Pearl Harbor Naval Yard on December 4, 2019. The recording is live from an interfaith vigil at Church of the Holy Cross UCC, Hilo, Hawai’i, on December 5.

When will we find healing
When the night is long?
When will we find healing
In something more than song?
Bring your caring
To make our healing strong.
Bring your caring:
Make our healing strong.

When will we love mercy
As we know we may?
When will we love mercy
In the light of day?
Bring your healing
To make our mercy strong.
Bring your healing:
Make our mercy strong.

When will our humility
Overcome our pride?
When will our humility
Blossom deep inside?
Bring your mercy
And raise our souls to care.
Bring your mercy…
Bring your humility…
Bring your healing…

Make our spirits strong.

© 2019 by Eric Anderson

Real Problem

At one time or another,
or many times, in fact,
the ones who serve as pastors
cry, beset with too much evidence
of human triviality,

“Oh, get yourself a real problem!”

And then, we gaze upon the weary brow,
the face so thinned by illness that
we didn’t recognize the sufferer,
and pray, with all our heart,
for triviality.

Photo by Eric Anderson.