11,317 Days

Should I not be like the experienced
apostle, offering encouragement
to the uncertain youth? Should I not be
the one to bless the faithfulness that they
received from mother and from grandmother,
to summon them to bear the shame and cost?

Should I not be the one to suffer for
the gospel as a herald, teacher, and
apostle, bearing up despite the shame
of disregard, dismissal, and distress?
Should I not be the one to offer truth
in sound and faithful speech to one and all?

Yet after thirty years, eleven months,
and four and twenty days since hands were laid
upon me, prayers proclaimed, and I was raised,
now set apart, a minister of Christ,
my heart still skips a beat to think that God
has given power, love, self-discipline…

To me.

A poem/prayer based on 2 Timothy 1:1-14, the Revised Common Lectionary Second reading for Year C, Proper 22.

Photo by Eric Anderson.