Stone of Help – #stones for #lookinlent

Samuel raised an Ebenezer,
he raised a Stone of Help
when his people were preserved
from the powers of war and death
So people place their stones today
to honor those they’ve known
And all those souls who’ve shared this life
and called this earth their home.


Place a stone for memory
A stone of help create
Recall to us the love we’ve known
And what love yet awaits.
Love, like stones, seems tiny
Yet builds planets out in space.
Living stones are we,
Made of dust and grace.


Samuel raised an Ebenezer,
out of the bones of earth
to celebrate the end of war
and give to peace its worth
With our stones today, Lord
we pray that you’ll console
your planet with your justice
and peace for every soul.

Samuel raised an Ebenezer
a stone upon a stone
at the summit of a hill
where its shadow fell alone;
Raised it on a stony planet
Spinning around the sun
Samuel raised an Ebenezer
Remember everyone.


“Stone of Help” was written by Eric Anderson in 2008.

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