O God,
You offered no suggestion:
You commanded
That we take a day of rest.
High upon the mountain
Moses waiting, listening
As you demanded
Sound and righteous
Rules for living.
Do not do harm to neighbor.
Once given, keep your word.
Don’t give your trust (or substance)
To an idol all unworthy
Of your worship.
Take one day
And keep it holy.
So here on my day off
I rise, and shower, and dress,
And steer my car to work
To set my mind to wrestle
With a task so far intractable,
In hopes that this last effort
Will bring it to completion.
I sacrifice this Sabbath
So my heart may have relief
From obligation overhanging.
A Sabbath for a Sabbath:
Is not that a fair trade,
An exercise of faith
A holy day tomorrow
For a labor day today?
It’s not like any other project
Slumbering will wake
In days ahead, and claim another day
And claim another day
And claim another day…

But did you not also proclaim
In Psalmist’s song:
“Be busy, and you’ll know that I am God.”
You didn’t?

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