Parent’s Pride

The joys of parenting are manifold:
My hands still feel, despite the passing years,
The pressure of small fingers and small palm
(My happy thought) experienced so oft
In crossing streets and crowded shopping malls.
My heart still swells with happy pride to see
The photographs of public readings, plays
And concerts, graduations and awards.
My eyes delight in memory of belts
Of many colors earned in karate.
The joys of parenting are manifold.

This morning I awake content as I
More rarely do these days: a child is home
From college (not the other; I enjoyed
His company two weeks ago). They each
Are making their own lives, which bring a new
And different pride, which counts upon reports
They make, and scanning social media
(O blessed invention for the parent of
A launching young adult!), and precious time
In conversation over dinner (How
They both devour Indian cuisine!).
The joys of parenting are manifold.

Last night I made a new discovery
Of joy. My younger daughter simply said
To me, “I have an amazing brother.”

She does. He would as well, except that he
Has an amazing sister. I have two
Amazing children, whose accomplishments
Include the rare ability to see
The value of the people whom they choose
As friends and confidants, and see as well
The virtues of the sibling they’ve each known
The balance of their lives. That’s hard for some.

And hearing it, my soul exclaimed and danced.
The joys of parenting are manifold.

I wonder what new joys another day
Will bring, what wisdom and what grace will spring
From this amazing daughter and from this
Amazing son? I smile as I write:
The joys of parenting are infinite. 

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