A Tuesday Morning’s Dialogue of Twitter Prayers

This series of brief prayers was born on Twitter in an impromptu conversation between the amazing Rachel Hackenberg and myself. When I saw the first one, it sparked the second, and to my delight she replied with the third. For a few minutes, as we each prepared ourselves for the day, we exchanged these poems 140 characters at a time.

She has very kindly given me permission to collect and publish them here. But make sure to visit RachelHackenberg.com regularly and benefit from her words and wisdom!

Rev. Hackenberg’s poems are indented to the left; mine to the right.
If a star can shine
beyond its extinction,
surely I can manage
to rise and shine
through my weariness.
Help, God.
If the tiny monarch’s
Cloak of salmon and sable
Can float it across the miles
Perhaps even I can fly. 
Help me, God.
If a song can sway the air
and pierce the heart until
the trees dream of love,
maybe I too can dance. 
Help me, God.
If an insubstantial thought
Can leap the miles
Flutter the heart 
Open the eyes
Maybe even I can hope. 
Help me, God.
And if there is hope,
then at last the moon
can sigh and melt, and
the sun can bleed with life.
God, help.
And if there is life,
Then sun and moon and tears of clouds
Can rain upon the earth
To call forth wild growth. 
God, help.

One thought on “A Tuesday Morning’s Dialogue of Twitter Prayers

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