Why yes, I do have United Church of Christ themed sunglasses. Why do you ask?

Before worship began, I wore these sunglasses as I walked down to church from my house. And they worked really well. I could see where I was going, and I wasn’t squinting in the bright sunlight. That’s pretty cool.

Now, however, I’m wearing them here in the church. And it’s not working so well. In fact, I can’t see very well at all.

If anybody’s looking to sneak out without my noticing, this is probably a good time.

In fact, is anybody still here?

When I take them off: Look! There you all are!

In bright daylight, the sunglasses help me to see.

But in a darker place, taking the sunglasses off helps me to see.

There are lots of things in life that are like this. They work in some places, and they don’t work in others. You have to try and see what helps in this situation, but don’t assume that what works now works then, and that what didn’t work then doesn’t work now.

Life can be complicated.

One thing always works, though: seeing the world through Jesus. Seeing the world through the love and kindness and compassion that he showed. Seeing people around us as beloved by God. Seeing the world God made as lovely and precious.

It’s better than sunglasses in a dark room.

It’s even better than sunglasses on a bright sunny day.

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