The Persistent Cloud


These clouds want to rain on Hilo, too.

There was a cloud who wanted to rain on Hilo.

Living here, you wouldn’t think that would be so difficult, but from the cloud’s point of view, it’s a lot harder. You see, as far as anyone can tell, all clouds want to rain on Hilo. I guess it’s because they love us so much.

With every other cloud also trying to rain on Hilo, it got pretty difficult. This cloud was rather younger and smaller than the other clouds, and I’m afraid that, just like people, there were bigger clouds who would tend to ignore, or jostle, or push away the smaller clouds. So the cloud would try to get in line for Hilo, and get blocked and nudged and shoved away off the the north, where it found itself raining on Honomu.

That’s a perfectly nice place, but it’s not Hilo.

So the cloud circled around to try again.

(I know, I know, I know: clouds don’t “circle around,” they follow the wind. And since Hilo gets the easterly trade winds, clouds just go west. But… This is a story. So the clouds can circle back and try again. It’s my story and I said so.)

The next time it tried to get the Hilo, the other clouds crowded it further and further to the south. So it ended up raining on Kalapana. Which is, once again, a very nice place to be (and to rain on), but still, it wasn’t Hilo.

The cloud tried again and again, circling back and joining the group, and getting shoved off to one side or the other. Most of the time it made steady gains, but one very bad day it ended up raining way off in Waimea. Which is, I emphasize, a wonderful community, but it’s a long way from Hilo.

The cloud was beginning to feel just a little bit like the Chicago Cubs trying to win the World Series.

(My apologies to Chicago fans, but it must be said that with the headquarters of the United Church of Christ located in Cleveland, there are a lot of fervent prayers being said for Cleveland right now. Just saying. And… Back to our story.)

The cloud kept at it, trying new things, new techniques, studying what the other clouds did who made it to Hilo. And so there came a day when it found its rhythm. It fell in behind a medium-sized cloud, then filled a quick gap when it opened to one side. It ducked beneath the ponderous bulk of a big cloud, then scooted in ahead of another.

At last, like a basketball player who’s made it to the top of the key with an easy layup in sight (Congratulations, Cleveland!), it was squarely over Hilo. And the rain fell.

Did you notice, as I did, that there were some moments in the rain this past week when it just came down really hard? Buckets of rain.

I think that might have been our friend the cloud, giving us some extra love for the pure joy of visiting us.

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