Is This the Time?

For some who wonder
now, “Where is life’s
boundary?” The one who
wakes, confused, with speech
no one can understand,
and moans in
sleep; the spouse who
watches (he once
watched) to guess the tide of
life; the son who’s near,
the son who’s far; the
grandson and
granddaughter who
have lost two grandparents they
knew, and one they
never knew; the sister,
nieces, nephews, cousins.

Beyond the Jordan, do they
know? Do they know, is this their
time for love’s reunion?
Mother, father, wife, and
sister: they await.

Here, in tears, we ask:
“Is this the time?”


Written on June 25, 2018, as we wondered whether my father was approaching his last days.

2 thoughts on “Is This the Time?

  1. My gosh, Eric. That’s beautiful! I will share it with Dad this evening. God has surely blessed you in many ways, beginning with lovely, loving parents.

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