One Question

[Jesus said,] “For Moses said, ‘Honor your father and your mother…'” – Mark 7:10

Just one not-so-simple question, Jesus.

When my mother died, I was two hundred seventy miles away.
When my father died, I was nearly five thousand miles away.

When my mother died, I was a college student, attending classes.
When my father died, I was a pastor, leading worship that morning.

Did I claim my education (toward ministry; I knew it then) and
Did I claim my work as corban, given to you, at their expense?

Did I honor my mother according to the commandment?
Did I honor my father according to my love?

A poem/prayer based on Mark 7:1-23, the Revised Common Lectionary Gospel Reading for Year B, Proper 17 (22).

Photo by Brendan Anderson.

2 thoughts on “One Question

  1. Your self-doubts have honor but the answer is — no.

    Asking the question has honor and the answers are so various. My parents thought this passage applied to money that friends of theirs were stowing away in places so they would “run out of money” legally but still have some for their family, while mine believed that was stealing from young working people and consciously went through every penny they had in care for their illnesses.

    Remembering has honor too. Sixteen years and two days ago hospice said my father had weeks left and told me to go to a meeting for a regional youth event in Orono Maine. The minute I arrived they called and said, come now. I had ride-shared. Diane Ciba handed me her keys and said, “go.” Most compassion I have ever received. I saw a rainbow on the highway that rainy day.

    Whether you were there or studying/preaching, you were there. You know that.

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