#cloud for #lookinlent

#cloud is an ephemeral creation

Rather like its element of water

It wisps across the sky in lacy veils

Sunset over Silver Lake

Incarnadined by sunset

Then settles greyly, grimly onto a groaning planet

Which then rejoices in life-bearing rain.

Even photographers cannot agree:

A grey day on the beach muffles drama

But lends softness to the portrait.

The fog bank settles like a wall

But parts to let the traveler pass –

Which the unwary captain may regret

When reef proves less permeable than mist.

I’m still most captivated by the rarest view of #cloud

(At least in my experience)

Looking from the odd side, as it were,

Above the cloud.

They float, I float,

Far above the ground.

I may not walk among the angels yet

But what a dance that will be!

When soft mist bears the weight of foot

And cold wall parts so hand and hair can fly

Away in celestial exaltation.

So I tell myself, knowing full well

That whatever life may be when this one ends

It is more difficult to define in the here and now

Than a #cloud.

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