#healing for #lookinlent

After fever, cough, and chills

#healing comes and I am grateful.

It’s not so swift as it used to be.

I guess #healing aged as much as I;

We both move more slowly than we did.

#healing comes with time.

How long, I wonder, will it take to heal from grief?

And grief, and loss, and loss again?

Too, too many gone who had a place within my heart

And too, too many gone whose place was in the hearts

Of others.

#healing comes with time – long time

And time, of course, given to #healing

Not frittered to distraction.

I’m much better at the latter.

Worse still, I find, is #healing from betrayal,

Betrayal in a promise given,

Betrayal in a trust conferred.

Betrayal, if I’m honest, which I have committed

As well as that which I still suffer now.

Now: there’s the word.

Why does #healing take so long

When the hurt is so, so deep?

#healing comes with time

The Kiss of Judas by James Tissot

#healing needs much time

Which leads me then to wonder

How long after the creatures God had made

Betrayed the trust implanted in their souls at birth,

How long after we rejected God’s out-reaching

Hands and arms and grace,

How long after we denied, or ran,

Or for silver’s sake


Did it take

For God’s own #healing to arrive

And dry the tears

Of the Divine?

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