Pain is an odd blessing.

It’s the body’s warning
(Or the mind’s, or the heart’s)
That it may be time
To do things differently
Than you are doing.

That kitchen knife you’re washing?
Pull it away!
That door you’re closing?
Open it!
That heavy bale you’re lifting?
Put it down!
Oh. Not there.
That’s your toe.
Pull that away.

There are other times
When pain’s warning has to be ignored.
I’m running, pain,
Don’t tell me that my legs are tired.
We’ve got somewhere to go.
I have to be here, pain,
To honor one I’ve lost
Despite the sadness and the tears.
It will be but a moment, pain,
To live the heartbreak once again
And rip away emotion’s scab
(It’s only had a day to form, again)
But it’s the price I pay for what
I value more than life.

Pain is an odd blessing, God.
Oh, I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

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